Mahiku Storefront Grand Opening Celebration
Yes the store has been open since May but the idea was to celebrate with friends and family. So there was no better time then in December during the busiest time of year when everyone was in town.  
The guest list included Friends of the owners: Sebastian Roche (GH, Originals etc) and his beautiful wife Alicia Hannah- Roche, David Chokachi (Baywatch) with his wife Susan and daughter Brit, Mike Newman (Also Baywatch), Professional Stand Up Paddle boarder Andrew Logreco, Shremmer Sisters and Mom (Our little surfer girls who kick butt) family members and lots of friends. 
The theme for the evening was a German Christmas Celebration with a Hawaiian Blessing. How perfect when one owner is German and the other Native Hawaiian. Spiked Hot Cocoa and Coffees were served along with German Cookies and Chocolates with Marzipan. A Christmas movie played for the children who cuddled up in a mountain of pillows with their treats. The rest of the guest were delighted with Christmas music. The temperature in the room was just chilly enough for you to feel the spirit of the holiday all while enjoying your drink. 
All-in-all it was a splendid evening with a soul lifting positive blessing led by Kahu (spiritual leader) Frank Yagodich. Who helped to remind everyone of the spirit of Makahiki Season (Hawaiian New Year Festival to celebrate the bounty of the land and to honor their God Lono) and ALOHA ( breath of life, Hello, good-bye, LOVE)!! What does that word mean to you when you hear it? 
Employees of Mahiku Emily Beth, Sarah, Ehiku and Ingo, Madi
The Mahiku Founders Ingo Rademacher, Ehiku Rademacher and their Sons
Founder Ehiku Rademacher, Ingo Rademacher, Sebastian Roche and Alicia Hannah
The Shremmers
Kahu Frank with wife Jenny Yagodich
Kini Style
Kini Style

We love integrating Mahiku prints into our every day wardrobe! You can wear our Kinis a million different ways, dressing it up with some wedge sneakers, boots or just rockin’ them with some uggs and a cool jacket. Start with a Mahiku print and build your look from there. Our designs work with neutral colors to highlight the print or you can go all out and mix it up with different colors to really pop. Here are a few looks from Ali to kickstart you all, have fun and share your style with us on instagram (don’t forget to hashtag us - #mahiku).

Alicia - Hey guys! The Brown Bamboo Kini pants are my go-to print when I’m climbing! I love the earthy, almost tribal design and it's perfect for transitioning from the rock to going out at night! My style is all about comfort and simplicity so I usually pair my Kinis with solid colors to really let the print stand out. Substitute a Mahiku print for your favorite jeans and feel the difference! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with… xxx

With love from Hawaii,

Mahiku Choc-Berry Smoothie
Mahiku Choc-Berry Shake

Whether you’re powering up for a workout or just need a snack on the run, a smoothie always hits the spot. The Mahiku Choc-Berry Shake is nutrient dense, rich in antioxidants, full of fibre and best of all, super quick to prepare!

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: Servings: Serves 2


• 1 cup blueberries - a true superfood with some of the highest antioxidant properties that are essential to neutralizing free radicals for optimal health.

• 1 cup sliced strawberries - a perfect source for vitamin c, potassium, folic acid and fibre. One cup contains all your daily needs for vitamin C for 50 calories.

• 1 tbsp Garden of Life RAW Organic Green Super Food in Chocolate Cacao - Raw, vegan and dairy free, we are huge fans of Garden of Life here at Mahiku! This organic veggie juice powder is rich in chlorophyll, trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics!

• 2 tsp chia seeds - chia seeds are a tiny superfood packed with protein, omega 3’s and fibre.

• 2 cups almond milk - unlike cows milk, almond milk contains no saturated fat or cholesterol making it a much more heart healthy option! It also contains plenty of vitamin E to repair and protect your skin.

•1 banana (optional)

Try to choose local or organic ingredients and don’t forget to share with your loved ones!

With love from Hawaii,

Mahiku Activewear

Ehiku's workout

Ehiku’s Workout

I work out five days a week with a wonderful group of friends here on Oahu. It’s a traditional aerobic/anarobic gym workout aimed to target all muscle groups and my ideal cross training to surfing and SUP racing.

The first step is a good warm up, as it prevents injury and generates blood circulation to heat up the muscles, tendons and ligaments before more vigorous activity.

My warm up consists of a short run, 100 reps with a jump rope and 100 reps of a core movement of your choice (eg. sit up). Jump rope is also a great workout if you are travelling, easy to pack a rope and skip in a confined space like a hotel room!

We then move on to the real work… 

4 x 10 Thrusters - a squat to overhead press with 2 x 10lbs weights. It’s a total body exercise that targets your thighs, hips, shoulders, and triceps.


4x 10 Push Ups - the most well known and widely used exercise! Push ups work your entire body from arms to abs to legs. Engage your hips and align your body to prevent piking up or sagging. Push ups are the core of any workout, you don’t need anything more than floor space and determination. Start off from the knees and work your way to the full plank push up for maximum strength!

4x10 Kettle Bells - Kettle ball training engages multiple muscle groups while forcing your body to work as one cohesive unit. Swing an 8lb kettle ball between your legs and up to eye level. Thrust your hips as you swing up to eye level for a smoother transition.



4 x 5 full Pull Ups - No cheating!! Like the push up, the pull up is a staple of any comprehensive workout. It is the perfect upper body strength builder!


4 x 10 Step Ups - Alternating legs, step up onto a box, lifting your knee to chest as the other straightens onto the step. Step ups are a fantastic toner for your lower body, while also working on your balance.

4 x 5 Burpies - The craziest cardio move!! Start by squatting down, placing hands on the mat, kicking legs back to plank, then lower body down so your chest touches the mat. Push up to plank, then bring the feet back in at the same time and finish with a jump. A burpie is an explosive plyometric movement that will push your heart rate up in no time!

Battle Ropes - These are insane!! We hold onto the open ends of the rope with each hand, imagine reaching out and grabbing a pole, that's our grip! Then we squat down and move our arms up and down creating waves with the rope. 40 times. This will leave you out of breath for sure!!



Trainer/Jiu Jitsu Champ JD, laying down the law............holding his Latte :-) 

Everything is done quickly with little to no rest in between moves so that your heart rates stay high. We finish with a cool down run, which I think of as a breath catching run because I am breathing so hard after the four rounds and dripping sweat. We will have a different board tomorrow with new moves. We go for muscle failure so each day has to be different so that we don't injure what we did the day before. Try these moves at home, in the gym or on the beach! Adjust to your level of fitness, take care to practice proper form and don’t forget to deck yourself out in Mahiku! It doesn’t hurt to look amazing while you sweat. ;)

A Pant a Day Give away, till May!

Rules and how to play:

1. Each day until MAY 2014  we will post a new  promo code on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that's good for  $75 which is the price of our Kini Capri. FREE PANT! 

2. Whoever enters the code first is the Winner!  There's no trophy for 2nd place, so be quick! :-) 

3. We suggest you open a PAYPAL  account  to be faster. Paypal is great for any online shopping you do on most websites. Makes life easier. 

4. The Promo code is entered after Paypal  when you enter shipping info. It's a sizable window,  you can't miss it.  Once the code is entered you proceed and if you were the first you should only be paying for shipping. 

5. You are only allowed ONE pant in your cart during checkout. 

6. You are allowed to win 2 times total during our offer. After that you are not allowed to play again. 

7. Since we do not have all sizes in all Pants choose any size and we can switch it out for another Size by emailing us at mahiku@icloud.com

 This ONLY applies if your size is not available in the "Give Away" pant for the day. 

8. Good luck. and please write a review under our product section






Welcome to our new MAHIKU website!


We are so thrilled celebrate Spring with the launch of our brand new site!! Enjoy the enhanced features, including our weekly blog, and find everything you need to inspire your active lifestyle here at Mahiku.

Our Spring collection will see an expansion of our accessories line to include Mahiku headbands fashioned from our Kini material to encourage you to mix and match with your favorite pant! Be creative and pair two different designs! Our signature quick dry nylon spandex blend will absorb your hard earned sweat for a good clean workout, a godsend in a hot yoga class!

Due to popular demand, we also have awesome new colors and prints for the Kini Capri and our trademark two tone Kini Hybrid Capri. It’s an exciting time here at Mahiku and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for you in the future. Summer 2014 will be worth the wait.

Stay tuned with our blog, sign up for our newsletter, hashtag us in your pics #mahiku,  say hi to us and don’t forget to share the many colors of Mahiku!
With love from Hawaii,

Ehiku and Ingo Rademacher     


photo: Ryan Foley 

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