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Ehiku's workout

Ehiku’s Workout

I work out five days a week with a wonderful group of friends here on Oahu. It’s a traditional aerobic/anarobic gym workout aimed to target all muscle groups and my ideal cross training to surfing and SUP racing.

The first step is a good warm up, as it prevents injury and generates blood circulation to heat up the muscles, tendons and ligaments before more vigorous activity.

My warm up consists of a short run, 100 reps with a jump rope and 100 reps of a core movement of your choice (eg. sit up). Jump rope is also a great workout if you are travelling, easy to pack a rope and skip in a confined space like a hotel room!

We then move on to the real work… 

4 x 10 Thrusters - a squat to overhead press with 2 x 10lbs weights. It’s a total body exercise that targets your thighs, hips, shoulders, and triceps.


4x 10 Push Ups - the most well known and widely used exercise! Push ups work your entire body from arms to abs to legs. Engage your hips and align your body to prevent piking up or sagging. Push ups are the core of any workout, you don’t need anything more than floor space and determination. Start off from the knees and work your way to the full plank push up for maximum strength!

4x10 Kettle Bells - Kettle ball training engages multiple muscle groups while forcing your body to work as one cohesive unit. Swing an 8lb kettle ball between your legs and up to eye level. Thrust your hips as you swing up to eye level for a smoother transition.



4 x 5 full Pull Ups - No cheating!! Like the push up, the pull up is a staple of any comprehensive workout. It is the perfect upper body strength builder!


4 x 10 Step Ups - Alternating legs, step up onto a box, lifting your knee to chest as the other straightens onto the step. Step ups are a fantastic toner for your lower body, while also working on your balance.

4 x 5 Burpies - The craziest cardio move!! Start by squatting down, placing hands on the mat, kicking legs back to plank, then lower body down so your chest touches the mat. Push up to plank, then bring the feet back in at the same time and finish with a jump. A burpie is an explosive plyometric movement that will push your heart rate up in no time!

Battle Ropes - These are insane!! We hold onto the open ends of the rope with each hand, imagine reaching out and grabbing a pole, that's our grip! Then we squat down and move our arms up and down creating waves with the rope. 40 times. This will leave you out of breath for sure!!



Trainer/Jiu Jitsu Champ JD, laying down the law............holding his Latte :-) 

Everything is done quickly with little to no rest in between moves so that your heart rates stay high. We finish with a cool down run, which I think of as a breath catching run because I am breathing so hard after the four rounds and dripping sweat. We will have a different board tomorrow with new moves. We go for muscle failure so each day has to be different so that we don't injure what we did the day before. Try these moves at home, in the gym or on the beach! Adjust to your level of fitness, take care to practice proper form and don’t forget to deck yourself out in Mahiku! It doesn’t hurt to look amazing while you sweat. ;)

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