Mahiku Storefront Grand Opening Celebration
Yes the store has been open since May but the idea was to celebrate with friends and family. So there was no better time then in December during the busiest time of year when everyone was in town.  
The guest list included Friends of the owners: Sebastian Roche (GH, Originals etc) and his beautiful wife Alicia Hannah- Roche, David Chokachi (Baywatch) with his wife Susan and daughter Brit, Mike Newman (Also Baywatch), Professional Stand Up Paddle boarder Andrew Logreco, Shremmer Sisters and Mom (Our little surfer girls who kick butt) family members and lots of friends. 
The theme for the evening was a German Christmas Celebration with a Hawaiian Blessing. How perfect when one owner is German and the other Native Hawaiian. Spiked Hot Cocoa and Coffees were served along with German Cookies and Chocolates with Marzipan. A Christmas movie played for the children who cuddled up in a mountain of pillows with their treats. The rest of the guest were delighted with Christmas music. The temperature in the room was just chilly enough for you to feel the spirit of the holiday all while enjoying your drink. 
All-in-all it was a splendid evening with a soul lifting positive blessing led by Kahu (spiritual leader) Frank Yagodich. Who helped to remind everyone of the spirit of Makahiki Season (Hawaiian New Year Festival to celebrate the bounty of the land and to honor their God Lono) and ALOHA ( breath of life, Hello, good-bye, LOVE)!! What does that word mean to you when you hear it? 
Employees of Mahiku Emily Beth, Sarah, Ehiku and Ingo, Madi
The Mahiku Founders Ingo Rademacher, Ehiku Rademacher and their Sons
Founder Ehiku Rademacher, Ingo Rademacher, Sebastian Roche and Alicia Hannah
The Shremmers
Kahu Frank with wife Jenny Yagodich