A Pant a Day Give away, till May!

Rules and how to play:

1. Each day until MAY 2014  we will post a new  promo code on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that's good for  $75 which is the price of our Kini Capri. FREE PANT! 

2. Whoever enters the code first is the Winner!  There's no trophy for 2nd place, so be quick! :-) 

3. We suggest you open a PAYPAL  account  to be faster. Paypal is great for any online shopping you do on most websites. Makes life easier. 

4. The Promo code is entered after Paypal  when you enter shipping info. It's a sizable window,  you can't miss it.  Once the code is entered you proceed and if you were the first you should only be paying for shipping. 

5. You are only allowed ONE pant in your cart during checkout. 

6. You are allowed to win 2 times total during our offer. After that you are not allowed to play again. 

7. Since we do not have all sizes in all Pants choose any size and we can switch it out for another Size by emailing us at mahiku@icloud.com

 This ONLY applies if your size is not available in the "Give Away" pant for the day. 

8. Good luck. and please write a review under our product section