Ali's Favorites

Our brand ambassador Ali wears her favorites to yoga, rock climbing, and even horseback riding! Follow her  Alicia Roche

The Nanea Hybrid Kini was my first Mahiku pant. The beautiful turquoise color was instantly uplifting and energizing while the trademark two tone print was just plain cool. It was a complete departure from my usual monotonous black cotton gear and I loved it. I instantly appreciated the tight fit, it felt snug but flexible enough to stretch and strong enough to withstand my crazy active life. 

I am so honored to be a Mahiku ambassador, I have witnessed the integrity and process by which these products are made and draw such inspiration from Ingo and Ehiku’s natural healthy lifestyle. I wear Mahiku every day, in class, on the run, in the water and on the go. The colors inspire me, the cut is flattering but functional and it is my strong sexy armor when I train hard and break a sweat!!